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How to use Forex VPS
« on: December 13, 2018, 03:02:58 AM »
How to use Forex VPS

Before starting a guide on how to use Forex VPS, make sure that you already have the EA you want to install, and a trading account. Besides that, don't forget to make sure you have a fairly stable and fast internet connection. The guide to how to use Forex VPS itself is divided into 2 parts, namely by using the Personal Computer Windows OS, as well as how to use VPS Forex with an Android Mobile Phone device ما هو تداول العملات
How to use Forex VPS with the Windows operating system
Before a full discussion on how to use the following forex VPS, it was confirmed earlier that the operating system used is Windows 10. However, even if you use a Windows operating system that is a little longer, how to use it will not change in general, only looks a little different. Learn more, here's how to use VPS forex with your personal computer:توصيات العملات اليومية مجانا
    Press the Start button on your Windows, and go to Windows Accessories, then find the application called Remote Desktop Connection there.
    You can also find this application by searching through the Windows Search feature. The trick is to press the Start + S button on your keyboard. Then type Remote Desktop Connection there.