Falling in love with Dark Souls, and how it was basically my therapist

You already know what this is about, so I'm not going to include any awkward introductions. Let's get into it.

Years ago, I was a tiny guy with no self confidence. I was chubby, miserable, and because of my mentality, I thought I looked pretty ugly. I always played games on a low difficulty because I thought, that it would make me feel better about myself. And holy crap, was I mistaken. I had just got my Xbox 360 at the time, and I regret never buying Dark Souls I or playing it, but I did get both versions of Dark Souls II.

I didn't understand anything about it, I just thought the trailer looked good. So I earned up some money, sold my older games and so forth, and then I bought it.

When I first clicked new game, I was really puzzled, as to where the options for difficulty was; nevertheless, hoping I had got my money's worth, I carried on to see what the gameplay would offer. Man, it was the most exilerating experience since... ever! I dare say, I had more fun playing it than Skyrim. Yeah sure, some of you might not like the fact, that I am comparing the worst game on the Souls series to Bethesda's jewel, but it's what it felt like. I was punished, over and over and over again, until I was ripping my hair out with my bare hands.

Even though, especially with my anger managements, the game offered monumental proportions of raging and screaming, something had just - clicked. Inside me. After a while I started thinking differently. More efficiently, calmer, and I found that everything felt at peace. I wan't worried about getting killed again, about exams, homework or any of that. In some way, it helped me to cope with all the issues I had ever had. Confidence, anger, social anxiety, stress. I had just never felt so good.

I then started to set my mind to completing it. Scouring the levels for hidden items, checking every corner for enemies, and every wall for invisible entrances. Guess what? I died. Over, and over, and over. And it always made me feel so alleviated. Once I had conquered the challenge, I remember how much, drastically, I had changed.

I was fitter, after actually pushing myself through in my swimming sessions, my grades were getting better, along with my behaviour and respect towards others, and I hadn't had any of my temper tantrums in over a month. It all felt so quiet inside my mind, blank, but in a good, fulfilling way. That's how I fell in love with Dark Souls; what's your history with Dark Souls? Tell me below!

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