Shrouded in Sanity: Review

Some people have tried to compare this to a 2D version of Bloodborne. However, it's something of its own, and improves some of the aspects that Bloodborne brought to us. The insight system, take this as an example, has been given a little more depth. The more insight you have, the more you descend into 'madness' however, you also gain access to different areas of the game, because the perspective of your Veimar, the playable character, changes.

So you play as a Veimar, and to start the game and storyline, you are given a 'choice'. Sign a contract and do your master's bidding to earn your freedom, or decline. But if you decline, you die. And get a game over screen, so it's not really a choice, this is all just to flesh out the plot. The art style is like any good 2D indie-souls game. Shut up, Salt and Sanctuary is crap.

The huge flaw of this game, is the combat. It has a massive learning curve. It requires a lot of patience to learn, not just to master. The reason for this is that the animations either are too slow, or the character itself moves to slow. Especially since all the character uses is a sword, gun and normal clothing. Rolling simply doesn't suit the gameplay, and if you're trying out the keyboard controls, may Giant Dad help you.

It plays smoothly, otherwise, with no complaints, but you may find typos and mistakes in dialogue every now and then. The game isn't perfect, no game is. But this one plays surprising well, as it only has one developer behind it.

Now everything about this game is enjoyable and I can put forward no reason as to why you shouldn't buy it. The soundtrack seems average but suitable, there are tons of different NPCs to interact with, a variety of enemies to kill, and tons to explore. At £4.79, this a must buy for hardcore Boodborne fans. But I will say this; look at gameplay before actually buying it, because it's different to what you expect. It isn't anything that can be described though, you have to see for yourself:

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Immediately jumps off a cliff after looking at the shitty dexfag