I went to EGX!

This sunday, 24/9/17, I went to EGX at Birmingham and I managed to try out quite a lot of indie games! I will be doing gameplay and reviews on all of them and I am also making a video that will highlight my main experiences while I was there along with an article to accompany it documenting my experiences at my first ever video game convention. Were you there? Tell me in the upcoming articles!

Absolver: The New Fighting Game (and some limited mask locations)

About 3-4 weeks ago, a new game called Absolver launched. It's a (sort-of) open world exploration game where you can meet people as if they were walking down the same street as you, and you can fight them along with NPCs to hone your fighting skills and learn new moves. The story lasts about 6-8 hours the first time you play it, but the more you play the shorter the story gets on your next playthrough due to you getting better. It has been dubbed the "Souls-like of Fighting Games" just because of its difficulty, but the Souls-like label needs to die which is why you shall see me using it less.

However, just like Dark Souls it shares combat that requires stamina management, and fast reactions are crucial for you to win along with how well you know your moves and how fast you can adapt to the enemy's fighting style, as everyone has a different one. You can join fighting schools to learn new moves or create your own as well as farm bossess for loot drops. As of now, once you have completed the story the game relies on you and its PvP elements to keep you in, and it also has some connection and unstability issuess. However more free content will be dropping, from item customization to more stuff to do: for free. I highly recommend you at leas try this game.

Before I conclude I would like to mention that there are some limited time masks in a very simple location. When you make a new character and you first arrive to the room with the NPC and a map showing you all the bosses you have to kill, the masks are bhind that map. Good luck, happy fighting!

Join the new Facebook group for jolly cooperation!

The Jolly Cooperatives (Soulsborne) are a newfound group that love to help out when you need it, or to trade any items you want. If you also would like to trade, don't waste your time on Reddit and come to the group. You should be able to rely on them for every need from PvP Duels to "Hey let's go record a video of us trolling someone lol" point. I know I would!

The Surge: Big Secret revealed!

So there is supposedly a big secret about the Surge being revealed tomorrow. An anoynymous source confirmed it's something to do with the introduction to the game. Some sort of twist, whether it's to the plot or somehting else, I do not know. I will update this section as the details are confirmed. I might be able to tell you in as soon as 2 hours.

It's nothing much, but if you want a tiny, "damn" for when you start the game, stop reading.

Warren is actually disabled. He needs a wheelchair, before having his rig.

Dead Cells: New Souls Like

An alpha for a new Souls-like comes out on the 10th May, and from the time I am writing this, that's tomorrow. I literally cannot wait any longer because it more or less looks like Death's Gambit, however it is supposedly meant to have combat which is heavily inspired by Dark Souls. Well, down the rabbit hole I go...

Code Vein

Have you guys seen the trailer for the new Souls-like by Bandai Namco? Don't worry, I have you covered:

It's meant to be coming out in 2018, on all major consoles, but whether it comes on the Nintedo Switch is still up for speculation. Here are also some epic screenshots, one of them showcasing the chosen anime art style:

Details will be updated here.

No-Limit Armour Competition Winner

Congratulations to the Aronnator for winning the competition! You have a free Steam CD-Key which has been emailed to you. Check out his submission below and in the Competition Sumbmissions tab for more information on his master piece.

Well done to Andrew Powell, congrats on first prize!

Congratulations for your Awesome comebacks with Shawn The Giant, and I hope you receive the money soon. Now, now, before you all lash out, each person is only allowed to win one prize, no matter the amount of submissions. (Personally I think that Submission #2 is best.) You can check out more awesome clips to come in the videos section! So anyway, here are his 2 submissions:

*Teleports behind you, kisses your neck*

Dex build