Necropolis: Review

Before I start the review, I'd like to that Necropolis is not neccesarily a bad game. It's just meh. It takes a very specific type of audience to enjoy this rogue-like. For starters, the animations for the playable character are slow and have no smooth transitions whatsoever. You'll be swinging your sword one frame and rolling away the next. To sum it up, I felt like I was playing some sort of Alpha version of the game.

Now, I will admit that the crafting system was pretty enjoyable, and so was the rogue-like elements; I particualarly enjoyed the art style too. The enemies seemed slighly dull at some points. You have your generic skeletons, spiders, but it did add some originality, like orbs that float around and shoot lasers at you. Kinda cool. I guess. Now a big complaint for me, was that the time in between from when you press the attack button, and you actually land a hit, felt too big.

It seems to have the same problem that Davyria used to have with it's rolling mechanics. You can't interrupt previous animations, therefore calling forward a big range of issues. Say you click the attack button thrice, once after each attack: you land a hit, ok, and then you click it again. By the time the second attack has actually dealt damage, I could've drunk a whole mug of hot chocolate. Perhaps this was because I played with keyboard controls but that's no excuse.

The game was so boring and dull that it felt unfinished and I couldn't even bring myself to edit the gameplay below. Hell, I'm trying to limit the images I use so I don't get sued for fake advertising! There's plenty of walking, so it's a tourist simulator, but there is nothing to see. It suffers from Titan Souls Syndrome. A lot of repetitive walking with nothing to see. If you wanted walking to be an enjoyable experience in your game, then put some goddamn landmarks!

There doesn't seem to be any real objective, but this is someone who played it for an hour and uninstalled immediately. Sure, I'll admit that maybe the game picks all this up afterwards, but if that's the case, then I'm sorry because that's not how I like my games. Yes, I do enjoy good pacing like in Skyrim, but games like this can't afford that luxury, because there is 0 sidequests, and no incentive to stray from a path.

What I do have to say, is that I was positively surprised by the variety of equipment available to your disposal. It just all moves too slow for me to enjoy. From animations to story.

Apart from breaking pots like you're in the world of Zelda because you have gems and ingredients in them. Next time someone tries to make a game like this, take note of what I have mentioned, and polish this formula. Because right now, it simply. Does not. Work.


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