Ethereal Oak Shield, Millwood Battle Axe, Umbral Ash, Ashes of Ariandel Tutorial and Location

Let me start off by giving you the stats of the shield, and its description, which I deem the most important item in this tutorial, and making sure that you know that this shield is exclusive to the Ashes of Ariandel DLC.
Here are the stats and description for the Millwood Battle Axe:

From the first Bonfire in the Painted World of Ariandel, head to the left and don't worry about the tree that looks like its about to grab you as this one is frozen. As you go left, there will be an item which you can pick up now or after you have delt with the soldier from the right who will be throwing javellins or spears at you.

The best thing to do is to block his shots with a 100% physical reduction shield, get closer to them gradually, until the javelin soldiers go for a clumsy lunge; you can then circle around them quickly for an easy backstab.

After your little charade with the javellin soldier, go back to the left and carry on. You will see another soldier, this time holding a torch, to your right. Their moves are very easy to dodge, block, and leave them wide open, but do ridiculous amounts of damage, so you might want to put on the best fire protection you have. Beat him? Stick to the wall onto to your left, until you come across a bug or fly like creature guarding a nice posion gem.

It's a pretty generic enemy. Next continue to the right, you have another soldier to deal with, this time with a torch and> a short-sword. He or she has fast moves, and a killer weapon art that has some annoying AF tracking.

Still alive? OK, cool, go ahead and run>. Unless you think you can handle getting jumped by those 4 soldiers who are absolutely relentless in their attacks. Just run forwards until you see the item. Pick up the item, and the ground below will break, though picking up the item doesn't trigger this.

After picking up the item, stick to the right wall while running; the soldiers may not follow you but they sure can throw javelins at you. After you see a wolf, kill it. It must be a relentless onslaught. If the wolf starts howling, you have about 1 second, or less, to disrupt the howl, or other wolves will gang up on you. After that, you may see a path to the right, with an item at the top, but unless you want to get kissed by a tree while being penetrated by javelins on every side of your body, ignore it.

Now as you head right, you may see a recycled Sif on top of a cliff. Just run. Forwards, then left after you've passed the cliff. It's a sharp left, so you'll know you're heading the right way when you see the collapsed and forsaken building. There, you will see a door like opening.

Go through it and remember the wolves are still chasing you. So keep running, until you get to cover, and the wolves will stop chasing you. As you hide behind walls and stuff an archer will be sniping you from the top of a tower. All you have to do, is get there without being hit, while avoiding patrol routes of some gruff looking, obese vikings that put my belly to shame. The vikings come along with a pair of wolves each.

After you get into the tower, you will immediately see one of those vikings, sometimes, my game glitched out and sometimes it would spawn in that room or on the stairs or some higher floors. The items you want will be in that tower, The set comew with some Umbral Ash, with the cheapets item being around 5000 souls. What did you guys think? Want a tutorial on a specific topic? Leave it below!

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