For Honor: Review

When I got this game, I had no idea what to expect. I knew it wouln't be Dark Souls-like gameplay, as that wouldn't really match its "innovative combat" everyone was talking about. It's pretty easy to learn, but hard to master and it's very fun and addictive. I have already pumped a total of about 16 hours into it, and i'm not gonna stop anytime soon. The only flaw I have found is that the amount of content is lacking.

And for your sake, don't buy the "gold" edition. It's pointless, and takes out the whole point of the game, which is to progress, by unlocking almsot everything. You have about 6 maps, a "Story" mode which is fun and has an average but enjoyable story, though it's meant to only teach you how to play with all the characters. Nothing more, nothing less. You should wait until it goes on sale, because otherwise, you'll be paying £40 (sterling) for:

  1. 12 characters

  2. 6 maps

  3. A "story" mode

That's it. I personally think it was worth it when it comes to gameplay, and I don't regret my decision to buy it, but unless you have a ton of money left as spares to throw around, wait a lil' while. And let's also mention, that it is online only, meaning that if you are playing on console, you will also have to pay to play it, monthly or yearly depending on your online subscription. I don't understand what the situation is right now, but, moreover, it doesn't even have dedicated servers

Ubisoft sure wants to save money on that one, so instead we have to play on "advanced" peer-to-peer connections. Wait this one out for a while. If you still can't decide, here is a video filmed and edited by yours truly for you to check out the gameplay and content. Thoughts?

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