Dead Cells: Review

Now this game has little flaws, and nails everything down perfectly! Forget about souls-likes. This is something brand new all together. At a price below £15 there is no reason why this shouldn't be on your wishlist, or why this game shouldn't be on your mind 24/7. It has epic weapons, you can have 2 equipped, mapped to 2 keys, or 2 buttons, along with 2 skills, an amulet and unlockable upgrades. Like it says on the title screen, a controller is recommended, but as long as you know where all the keys are mapped, and you have quick reflexes, it should be fine.

The game is flashy, and for what is meant to be an alpha, it will break any of your expectations in half. Now, my only problem playing it was I once got stuck below a gap (a tiny little opening in the wall you have to roll underneath), and I couldn't get away from it so I had to restart. It also has much to boast about weapon and/or skill variety, but you can forget about that becasue not only is there more to come, but mixing skills, and weapons in different combinations allows for more flexibility and different playstyles..

Moreover, the game seems to be randomly generated, don't quote me on that though, but I can gurantee every time you die and respawn at the start, you will have a different route to take. There is variety of that too! To continue, have I mentioned every time you find a weapon or skill it has random buff? Which means, that evn if you find a weapon that is just like the one you have got, the one you just found might deal less damage, but it has higher rank and deals bleed every 2 hits!

Scattered through the game, you have your archer enemies. But as a boss, you get the same enemy, that can shoot 2 arrows at once, and shoots almost twice as fast. It also has a good save mechanism, amazing art design, and is something to look at in awe. The NPCs might need a bit of development, but that's really it!

The animations are smooth, and the game is hard, punishing, but never unfair. Another complaint are what so far I have perceived to be 'bosses'. They are called 'Elites'. Basically, upgraded versions of a specific enemy, with some weak minions spawning here and there. Now maybe I simply haven't gotten far enough, or they are still to be added. But an example of these so called bosses is this.

It also has hidden walls that you can unlock by hitting walls, though so far it has only given me healing items. The enemy variety, is huge. You have mushrooms burning the ground underneath you, mages shooting through walls, archers hitting you from a range, grunts with tower shields charging at you, weird green guys that catch you out easily when you get too cocky, birds, rats, traps, spikes, grenade grunts, teleporting wolves, Holy F*ck I'm not even finished!

Hopefully, we could get multiplayer and co-op soon. I can already imagine it, an arena 1v1 mode, a player on each side, with every single player having their own loadout and strategies, flashy explosions everywhere as the two battle out with their unique skills! Powerups and health flasks are littered everywhere, and enemies randomly spawn to distract you from the very real and looming danger.

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