Davyria: Heroes of Eternity - Review

I approached the creator of the game and said if I got a free copy of it I will publish a review and promotion on my website. Now while the game is great, especially for a single developer, there are some thing that need to be said.

Let's start with the map, character movement and exploration. It is obvious he, the developer, has spent time creating intricate level design to make it fun to explore, but it isn't. The character moves slower than a snail, even with significant buffs to agility. And exploration, is completely unrewarding. The only thing I got for exploration, was extra enemies, a healing item which I used for the enemies I encountered for exploring, a useless NPC that sells overpriced fish, and a greatsword that is just as slow as the character. The maps in this game feel huge for a game that has been developed by one person, and exploring them feels punishing, and dull.

Edit: The game developer has now added a sprint ability, and has also added 'miracles' which you find around the environment.

You can't even sprint*, so you're constantly moving at a turtle's speed which makes it boring to explore. The combat feels good, but when I dig deep down, it's all concentrated on patience and a broken roll mechanic.

When you go up against a boss, they are constantly spamming a flurry of blows but it's impossible to dodge because it's broken. You dodge once, but then another hit is coming your way, and then when you try to dodge again it just doesn't register, because your character is being forced to finish the previous rolling animation.
*You can now sprint

Edit 2: Roll mechanic has been fixed

You are advertising a game that is hard but fair. It doesn't feel fair. When a boss is spamming attacks faster than the speed of light, what chance do we have when we constantly take damage because dodging doesn't work and shields might as well be made of styrofoam?

And how is it fair, when you have positioned two archers guarding a doorway whcich you have to break, and they are on towers so you have no choice but to dodge their arrows since you can't target them, and if you get past that, there is another 3 archers shooting at you? Are you telling me, that trying to avoid 4 simultaneous arrows targeting me with pixel-perfect accuracy, a broken roll mechanic and a health bar that diminishes in two hits is fair?

I don't think so.

Conclusion: The game is extremely difficult and has great and awesome graphics and art style, but I only recommend this, if the creator implements missing and simple mechanics into the game. If he made the character a bit faster, added a sprint mechanic, and more rewards scattered here and there along with a fix for the roll, that is when this game is worth a buy.

Hell, even now it's worth a buy, £5? This is a masterpiece and pure art at its core and has great potential to becoming one of the most memorable indie games anyone could ever play. But it's just those little details that matter.

Edit 3: The game has now patched most of my problems. 8/10 it is!
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