Dark Souls 3 on PC

This is the article I was talking about on the News Section. I recently bought Dark Souls 3 on my new PC, and it was so good, that I thought I should write about it. For starters, the PC port is so much better than I expected. When I compare it to the first Dark Souls' PC port, it blooms in comparison. The resolution was automatically detected, thank God, and my controller didn't require any extra setups.

The actual game runs beautifully smooth on Ultra graphics and I felt at home once I dived into the game's world. I started off the game by making a character, like everyone else, but while usually I would start with the Herald class or the Bandit class, this time I wanted to try playing as an Assasin class. Damn it was good. The Estoc is something I can't get used to, but what I'm doing for now, until I find a better weapon with about the same weight and damage, is using it with my lil' Buckler and I am going to build my vitality and strength, after I get my vigor to about 20.

As of now, I have equipped only my assasin trousers and the gauntlets that come with the chain set, if that's what it's called. I mean the set you can buy of the old lady in Firelink Shrine. I am doing this because I tried to see what the difference would be in between rolls below 70% equip rate and 30% rate. It's a huge difference. Love it!

I am doing a no co-op run, and I have so far gotten invaded once at the first bonfire on the High Wall of Lothric. The guy was most likely a warrior, or he was just cosplaying as a viking. I had the guy right in my grip but then he just chugged that Estus, yes you read that right, and I was so mad!

All that time, I was trying to be considerate and careful about not stun-locking or R1 spamming him like a n00b and in exchange I got a chugger. Anyway, after that, he went into the stance with his sword and dashed right through me. I had low health, and no matter what, I never chug. I was hoping to stun him as he was doing the strike with my Estoc but while the damage was dealt, it was as if, for a moment, poise was back! I hate that guy...

Right now, I am also stuck with Vordt of the Borreal Valley, who I find easy as hell in the first phase, but on the second, even though I'm under his belly, no matter what I do, I always free ride on his elbow when he's winding up his 180-degree-turn-and-smash with his mace, so I always get hit. Well that's all for today people! Did you guys enjoy this? Or should I git gud? Let me know below.

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