My impressions of Dark Souls I: Blind Playthrough

What's it like to feel true love and frustration at once? Play Dark Souls I, and you'll know soon enough. When I bought this game, for 3rd time on PC, I thought I'd have to refund it again because the agitation I have to go through to set it up for my PC, is horrible and I thought it wouldn't be worth it. I was wrong. I was worried that I would be intimated and bored by the lack of mecahincs from its succesors, but oh was I incorrect.

What I really loved, was that I didn't have the comofort of travelling from bonfire to bonfire through loading screen to loading screen. I had to backtrack to get from one location to the other, and you might think that's a bad thing but it works perfectly here, as it has mapped, strung and glued together all different levels and stages together in creative different way, like scaling huge trees to get from the ground to a tower, or exploring caves to find that blessed bonfire, patiently waiting for you at the end of a the gloomy passage. What makes it even better, is that backtracking is just as scary as going through an area for the first time because even the average grunt or poison fly can kill you if you're not careful. However this usually only happens to:

I couldn't find any negatives apart from the PC porting. Who actually thought it was a good idea to release the PC port in this state? And if you're reading this, how much were you bribed? Anyways, at one point, I tried to invade at DarkRoot Forest, and I ended up falling off cliff because I was trying to avoid a wannabe Giant Dad's Claymore thought it was obvious he couldn't wield it, even two-handed. I could also tell he wasn't The Legend, because The Legend never dies, and he ended up falling off the cliff with me while rolling away from the attack of one of those weird tree creatures. My reaction? Here it is:

Lastly, I really enjoyed the vbariety in areas and enemies. I'd never seen these types of enemies in Dark Souls II or Dark Souls III; why? Do you know how cool it was, to be facing off against a giant knight with mossy armour, that buffs himself with a spell, that won't let you move if you get too close to him? Or a what looks like the corpse of a dead and rotten drake, but is actually waiting you to pick up the items in front of it to attack you? This was one of the best experiences, when it comes to gaming, in my life! And I can't wait to keep going. Although, the PvP seemed non-existent, unless I used the mod called DSCM to help me "gain" PvP. It worked instantly and perfectly, and I will leave a download link below. I also used PvP Watchdog to avoid cheaters and hackers. If you don't trust me and think these are links for a virus, I will leave a link to a reddit thread that has legitimate links which I used myself. Please, also tell me what you're first experience with this game were down below.

Download Link: DSCM Download
PvP Watchdog: PvP Watchdog Download
Reddit Thread: Reddit Thread

Installing Mods will require DSFix and extracting files from .zip or .rar file to your game directory.

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