The Most OP Infusion to have ever been brought in Dark Souls

You're probably wondering if I used clickbait. Nope. Now you're probably wondering what is the best Infusion to use in Dark Souls II. The answer is simple: the Mundane Infusion. Here I am to explain this to you.

When you are browsing all the available infusions, and then you see one that stands out; you hover over, and it seems to have no advantages, whatsoever. Let's start off by talking about it's disadvanatages. Disadvantages:

  1. Cuts base damage by 50% for all damage types.

  2. Lowers scaling for all damage types except physical damage.

  3. Crossbows, will lose 85% of their base damage.

  4. Daggers will lose about 25% of the Mundane scaling since Calibration 1.11

You might be thinking: what could the Mundane Infusion possibly give me in exchange? Well, like in almost all Blood Souls games, it's all about the unseen. What this infusion does, is give the chosen weapon special scaling. You weapon will now also scale according to your lowest stat. I have added in a table to show it's scaling bonus. The stat does not matter, just how low it is.

As you can see the bonus is great, and well, why would you not use it. Another cool thing, is that weapons STILL receive the Mundane bonus, when broke. The bonus is given through by physical damage. Here is some more information:

"An altered state of titanite. Use to imbue weapons with power of the mundane. Cannot be used on shields. People do not look favorably on the banal, but sometimes even the most mundane of objects can cast things in a most pleasant light."

You might want to know how to calculate damage gain or loss with mundane:
([Base Damage/2 + Current Mundane Scaling] - [Base Damage + Current Scaling]) = Damage gain/loss

Can be received in exchange for Smooth & Silky Stone with Dyna and Tillo
Possibilty of drop from Crystal Lizards
Sold by Stone Trader Chloanne after moving to Majula and you have obtained the King's Ring
Found in Doors of Pharros on a corpse with the Gyrm Great Hammer

What did you guys think of the infusion? Do you use it often? I know I do! Tell me below!

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