Berserk and The Band of The Hawk: Review

Yes I have edited this review. No it's not for the better. The gameplay was alright at first, addicting, but that's all it is. Addicting. You will not get any satisfaction out of this game unless you either have very low standards, enjoy fracturing your thumb from mindless button mashing, loadscreens longer than the ones in Dark Souls, and framerate that drops whenever it feels like it. The images and trailers used to represent this game are lying to you. In no way is it the same. You have a choice out of a couple characters to play, even though they all feel the same and don't even get me started on the gameplay.

Yes I changed this paragraph too. Shut up, I am too angry to care right now. As you "level up" you "unlock" combos. Though it's pointless to unlock them because they just consist of "you can mash X or Y once more to link attacks" and that's it. There's a couple of cool animations here and there but that's all.

On top of that, the camera is so clunky and jumpy, that you will be spending half of your time fighting the camera itself, not the enemies. The lock-on system doesn't even work! The enemy variety is like 1 or 2 Chuder army grunts with a "mini-boss" here and there and that's it. I have no idea about that when it comes to demons, but I don't want to know or otherwise, I will go Berserk.

See the image above and below this paragraph? Yeah it's a lie. The 3D models are good, but that is the best thing I can say about the game. The "bosses" are pure recycled garbage each having the same moveset as the next. And even at Hard difficulty this game is a joke!

Because all you get as a "boss fight" is another generic enemy with a different texture and huge life bar taking over the corner of your screen that gradually goes down, as the poor character you are beating the crap out of is defenseless against you, because the enemies are pure cannon-fodder to distract you from the obvious fact of how the developers either rushed this, have no money, are turning into Capcom, or just decided to make a quick buck out of a good franchise.

The graphics, are not that bad though they suffer mostly because of the PC optimisation. When you start the game from Steam, it immediately pops up saying that playing on Windows 8/8.1/10 systems, could decrease performance therefore, it asks you if you would like to start the game in compatibility mode. Naturally, I clicked 'Yes' as I wanted a good first experience, but man I wish I didn't. The game had to restart, which took about a lengthy 5 minutes, and then it came up with a loading screen. It took another 5 minutes to load, and lets just say I wasn't impressed with the fact it put me on a crappy default resolution, but it also didn't feature 1920x1080 resolution. Why?!

After poking around in the settings, I had to go back only to be confronted by another long-as-hell loading screen; I soon enough put it on the resolution that worked best and played along. But man, I started the game and the framerate was all over the place! I then tried to go to the pause menu to edit my graphic setting, I figured it was the resolution, which it was, and I saw there was no gaphical options. This meant I had to go back to the title screen to edit it and blah, blah, blah... Enough rambling.

I had to go through playing this lazy excuse for a game, which couldn't even be bothered to at least include co-op and on top of that, the developers had the balls to charge us full price for it? That is over double the price for Dark Souls I, which is at least 10 times better than this piece of shit "game". It could even be argued, that the developers should be sued for false advertising, because what we got, is not what was advertised by those trailers. It was a bigger trap than the Dark Souls II trailer, and the game is so much worse than what I am describing right now.

Keep in mind

This is my opinion. If you bought this game and you didn't like it, it's not my fault. I hate this game. Stay well away from it. This articles has been edited as I was blinded by its boring but addictive gameplay, but then I saw through its charade. Also, don't post hate against me in the comments: "Attack the argument, not the person".

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