5 Action Games To Keep You Entertained

Since Dark Souls is over, and not in the most satisfying way, we Souls fans are going to need something that keeps us entertained for a long while and fill the hollow hole the ending opened up within us which craves to be filled with action deliciousness. Here are 5 action games to keep you entertained.

1. Warframe

Warframe is a futuristic sci-fi MMORPG with fast action and combat for you to drool over. Just like our beloved franchise it has a huge difficulty curve and requires patience not just to learn but also to master. It has been out for a while, on all platforms. It has you playing in the armour of a futuristic ninja with insane weaponry from automatic crossbows to serrated sickles as you save the world with other fellow Tenno (players). Weave intricate combos with colourful explosions and difficult stunts, from wall running to grinding, it’s all here: for free.

2. The Elder Scrolls Online

This game features the same levels of enticing adventure as Skyrim from climbing huge mountains by defying gravity to sneaking into prisons to free NPCs. From infecting yourself to become a bloodthisty vampire to starting off with a mage class and somehow ending up as a stealth archer. The side quests are all different and interesting, and the graphics are mesmerizing. Gameplay? Rich with detail and colourful abilities allowing you to co-op and PvP with almost 12 different regions of Tamriel, each at least double the size of Skyrim - and you thought Skyrim was impossible to complete. Though the normal edition costs £20, I recommend getting the Upgraded version for £40 so you can get extra locations and allow yourself access to The Dark Brotherhood and The Thieves Guild as the quests they come with are totally worth it.

3. The Forest

Perhaps you’re looking for something with more horror and survival? Look no further. The Forest tells an interesting tale of a lone survivor from a plane crash in a mysterious environment that is infested with cannibalistic savages that will hunt you day and night relentlessly. With the game still at an early alpha, experience a thrilling adventure as you lurk in claustrophobic caves and build shelters to survive the night. Hunt, kill, survive, and explore as you look for victims of the crash or perhaps find other survivors; all as you wait for even more content to be jampacked in this alluring game with excellent views.

4. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

If you’re looking for quirky characters, hardcore weapons, explosions and badass storytelling then this mind-boggling cluster-truck is for you. We all loved the characters in Dark Souls and I am sure you can find charming personalities in this game too. Blow stuff up, blow more stuff up, and look cool! Co-op and then burst into maniacal laughter as you realize the game's enemies are powerless to stop you as you and your new co-op buds blast the crap out of everything that moves with toxic miniguns and electricity-shooting rocket launchers.

5. Dead Cells

Rogue-likes are cherished by many and if you got used to seeing the death screen in Dark Souls one to many times, you will appreciate this unique jewel. Though still in an alpha state, it boasts huge replay ability and no journey will be the same. Every time you die you keep your upgrades but have to start again- as boring as that may sound, it is actually one of the best 2D side scrolling action games I have played so far. At it’s a steal at its current price. Beautiful pixels and epic weapons with bodacious skills are thrown into a mix of aggressive and customizable gameplay with encumbering difficulty. If you see it on a Steam sale, don’t hesitate to buy it.

So what did you think? Any games you can recommend for us to play? Let me know below!

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