Starting area crystal lizard tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to kill the Crystal Lizard on the starting area, before the first bonfire and Iudex Gundyr. First off, create your character. Keep in mind that this might take several tries, and don't worry about starting gifts, Estus, or classes. The only thing required, will be some reflexes, and a cool, clear head. Now then, clean the area of all enemies, up until the first bonfire.

Light the bonfire, so that if you die, you don't have to worry about dodging the guy with the crossbow as you can just backstab him. Pick up all the items in the are too, but not the one next to the lizard.

OK, so you've cleared the area of all the baddies; what now? Head up to where the lizard is. Get about medium range to him, not too close, not too far. Run back through where you came from, and stop every couple of steps, to regenerate stamina, and allow the lizard to catch up, otherwise, the lizard will lose interest in you and go back to where he was. So after you have lured him to where the crossbow guy is, walk at a normal pace forwards, still luring the lizard towards you, and then stop at the end of the cliff. Here comes the hard part.

You know what comes next, don't you? You have to get the lizard to fall of. There is numerous ways to do this. The easiest is to distance yourself and provoke him into doing the devastating rolling attack. To do this, unlock the camera and run up, or down the slope where the cliff that leads to the bonfire is, depending on where you are, and put some distance in between it and your character.

You can also do the same thing with its leap attack, but its harder to dodge and less predictable. The same thing goes for its slash attacks, but unless your fingers can do gymnastics, I recommend sticking to luring him into a roll attack. There is a video below to show you how to do it. What did you guys think? Any ways to improve this tutorial? DId you guys ever think of this? Leave your thoughts below and praise the sun!

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