Welcome to Surge Of Souls. I run this website by myself, with the aim to bring together the Souls community. I have plenty of content already, and I can fairly promise that only more is to come. You can do much around here. Read articles and write your own, same goes for images, builds and videos and submitting this content doesn't even require registration. Leave your thoughts by commenting and win epic prizes by competing in competitions. Or perhaps you might prefer to have a nice relaxed chat in the forums or set up a fight club? Make sure to stay updated with the news too!

And even more options will be available for you soon. Not only do I aim to bring the community together but I also aim to keep you updated with the genre. I will review all kinds of Souls-likes I can get my hands on, in the articles section, even if I don't like it, just so you can know about the latest Souls-likes available!


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